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There have been many advancements in highway & road safety, and education in recent years. Yet, us motorcyclists, remain the most vulnerable to injuries. Unlike a car, we lack a steel cage around to protect us from any contact with a car or even a road mishap.

Fortunately, most of the motorcycle accidents are not life-threatening, but they can get real serious real quick. According to U.S. national statistics, 87 percent of motorcycle accident victims suffer from lower extremity injuries including legs, feet, and ankles. The tibia and fibula are the ones who stand the most, these bones compromise close to 90 percent of all ankle injuries.

When a motorcyclist is engaged in an impact collision, the direct impact is most probable to be received by the lower leg or ankle, causing torn ligaments or even broken bones. Pavement and other road surface impacts can also cause significant ankle injuries. The accidents cannot be entirely prevented, but suffering a devastating damage can.

Unsurprisingly, it is documented that most motorcycle accidents occur during short, low-speed trips. The vast majority of the accidents happen shortly after the journey begins, and also when riding at an average of 48 km/h (29.8 mph), while only 0.1% of the accidents happen when riding at 138 km/h (86 mph). Surprised?

Keanu Reeves, yes, the Matrix guy, in 1996 driving down Sunset Boulevard on a Sunday night, broke his ankle in an accident. He swerved to avoid hitting a car but ended up crashing into another vehicle. It wasn’t his fault, but if it happened to him; it could happen to anyone.

Long-distance riders are the ones who protect themselves the most, we’ve all seen them, is that why high-speed accidents are less frequent? Or is it because of the low traffic on highways? Whatever the answer is, data proves that any motorcyclist is at risk because of the nature of the two-wheeled vehicle.

When trying to equip yourself with protective gear, you often find looking through some boots that seem taken from some futuristic movie, which provide a lot of protection. But let’s be honest here, you wouldn’t wear those to a party. On the flip side, there are those good-looking leather boots, but protection is not more than just the thickness of the leather. Which team do you choose?

Luckily for you, here’s where this bad-ass looking and state-of-the-art protecting Umberto Luce boots kick in.

Our boots, equipped with D3O® technology on the ankles protect the lower parts of the fibula (lateral malleolus) and tibia (medial malleolus) which are the most exposed parts of the heel. Alongside the D3O, our boots are made with premium calf leather. Having a 100% leather upper provides a sturdy second skin and enhanced structure to your ankle and foot.

Accidents are not a choice, but how you prevent damaging injuries is. Choose wisely.

Choose your gear at and ride safely.

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